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  4. Welcome to the asylum!
  5. Hi
  6. Welcome to the clan! If you need any help on arma add me on steam
  7. Welcome to the Black Legion forum! If you have any questions feel free to message me on steam or on the forum (I am active on both), and I will get back to you ASAP! Enjoy your time here and i'm looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
  8. Hello G2 Rizzo, G2 Rizzo joined on the 08/16/17. View Member Welcome to Black Legion. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Trial Member Period Now you have registered to the forum you are now classed as a [BL] Trial Member. All new members are trial members for a minimum of two weeks to make sure people who apply play games and join in the clan. To become a full member you will need to 1) come on Teamspeak 2) Sign up and join one of our weekly events 3) Add some members to steam 4) make a few posts on the forum to prove your active. After 2 weeks we review your application and activity in the clan and we will decided to promote you. All promotions will be posted on the forum and we will let you know if you are successful. Teamspeak The Teamspeak server is the primary method of communication in the clan. A lot of members will spend every evening on Teamspeak even if they are not gaming. This server is a great tool to meet new gamers, get to know other people, join in on spur of the moment games and have a laugh! The server is mainly used in the evenings and all members are required to have a working microphone and TS3 installed. TS3 IP - Click to Connect! Events On a normal week events will always start at 7:30pm UK time. We ask members to go onto the calender and RSVP to all the events, if they can attend or not. This helps us plan events based on numbers. In a normal week we play.... Tuesdays - Battlefield 1 - BL Server Wednesdays - Rising Storm 2 - BL Server (Private Server Territory/Supremacy/Skirmish depending on turnout) Thursdays - Arma 3 - BL Server Custom Co-Op mission with modpack and BL exclusive content We ask all members who are attending to aim to turnup at 7:30 for a 7:45 start. If you plan to be late or are running behind let us know on steam/ts/on the calender event and we can plan accordingly. Arma 3 Modpack All Arma 3 players will need these mods. Here is a simple guide to installing them Tags When playing on a Black Legion server, or in a Black Legion event, we ask all members please put the [BL] tag before their name to show they are part of the clan. The same rule apply to trial members. Some Useful Steam Contacts Below are some useful contacts to add to your steam friends list. A lot of these members will try and add you to steam. Feel free to add and talk to any us.... we don't bite! [BL] Trickster144 - Webmaster/Recruitment Officer, [BL] Hannibal - Arma 3 Officer and Clan Founder. [BL] Gems - Rising Storm 2 and Recruitment Officer, [BL] Derpina - Battlefield 1 Officer, [BL] Kator Viridian - Arma 3 Officer, [BL] Pan Rising Storm 2 Officer, [BL] Lion - Support Officer If you have any questions, simply come on Teamspeak, post on the forums or chat on steam. We are always happy to help. [BL] Trickster144
  9. Then turn yourself down. Would be a relief for our mental health.
  10. If you don't turn up Wednesday I'll get my boy XXXTENTACION to pay you a visit
  11. Black Legion Gaming Events Week Commencing Mon 14th August Wednesday 14th June 7:30pm UK Time - Rising Storm 2 Server Supremacy #1 - Click here to RSVP Thursday 15th June 7:30pm UK Time - Arma 3 Server: - Click here to RSVP
  12. Sweet. Just got it.
  13. Earlier
  14. So, I just bought it as it is currently on discount on Bundlestars. Coupon SUMMER10 for extra 10% off. There's also 2 and 4 packs for extra savings. It's a really nice game, graphics are on RO2 level I'd say. Source engine, so it runs smooth af. It has restricted classes, selectable weapons and load outs, based on weight points. The maps are objective based, with different objectives in the maps (capture location, then destroy something, then kill a VIP. The gunplay is really good, precise and deadly. So, everybody get it. Condoz out.
  15. what do you mean
  16. Old post, but I am up for trying a heist or two. Bought it on sale, played a few hours and got tired of randoms not even trying, getting us in ridiculous shootouts every time. And the shootouts were the definition of bad.
  17. I am up for some Insurgency, R6 siege, Squad, Foxhole, Blackwake. I would love some proper clan teamwork.
  18. Out there somewhere, there is an indian guy throwing his mango lassi in the wall. Know the feel though.
  19. Looks sick, I am up for BL events when I get my new comp.
  20. "Clan Game" I'd also give R6 Siege, Day of Infamy and Foxhole a try
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