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Joining Black Legion

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Joining Black Legion

Register to the Website - Registering is easy with the new "Sign in with steam option" - Click here to register!


Sign upto the forum using the Sign in through Steam option or fill out the form on the page. There is no email activation and the process should only take a minute! If you have any trouble signing up then contact one of the Admins on steam and they will be more than happy to help. All members must sign up if they would like to take part in any events or be part of the group.


Fill out all the required profile fields.

complete profile.png 

Once you have created your account then go onto your profile by clicking your name -> Profile -> Edit your profile. Select which games you play, if you have TS3 and why you want to join Black Legion. This is a key part of your application and may decided if you will be accepted into the clan. Only a [BL] Admin can see your application so don't worry about others stealing ideas from you!


Join us on Teamspeak - Click here to Join!


The Teamspeak server is the primary method of communication in the clan. A lot of members will spend every evening on Teamspeak even if they are not gaming. This server is a great tool to meet new gamers, get to know other people, join in on spur of the moment games and have a laugh! The server is mainly used in the evenings and all members are required to have a working microphone and TS3 installed.


Sign up and attend great clan events


On a normal week events will always start at 7:30pm UK time. We normally play BF1 Tuesdays, Rising Storm 2 Wednesdays and Arma3 Thursdays. Always check the events schdeule as other events are sometimes added during the week. We also ask all members to use the event schedule to mark if they are attending/maybe/can't go so we know how many players will attend and plan accordingly. If you go on holiday or will be away for sometime please let us know on the forum so we can plan around your absence.


Be part of the Community


Black Legion is more than just a group that plays games 3 times a week! We are a tight knit community with many members being part of the group for several years. We also play Airsoft, have large partys and BBQs and travel abroad to spend time together hang out and have fun! If you want to join Black Legion then expect to meet some decent gamers and make decent friends along the way. We ask that members join TS3 as much as possible so they can hang out, chat and have fun with others and get to know other great members!

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