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  1. Welcome to the asylum!
  2. Welcome to the asylum!
  3. Welcome to the asylum!
  4. Welcome to the asylum!
  5. Sweet. Just got it.
  6. Old post, but I am up for trying a heist or two. Bought it on sale, played a few hours and got tired of randoms not even trying, getting us in ridiculous shootouts every time. And the shootouts were the definition of bad.
  7. I am up for some Insurgency, R6 siege, Squad, Foxhole, Blackwake. I would love some proper clan teamwork.
  8. Out there somewhere, there is an indian guy throwing his mango lassi in the wall. Know the feel though.
  9. Looks sick, I am up for BL events when I get my new comp.
  10. I am interested, but how is this game different that any of the rest in the genre?
  11. Yes
  12. Here are the answer to all your questions.
  13. More like games give me PTSD.
  14. Commie shooting competitive? Oh man, if/when I get hardware and internet sorted out.