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  1. Signup you pansies we have a standard mission lined up for thursday
  2. Once again sign up guys, need to know who we got where if you are attending
  3. But why is the rum gone?
  4. Guys signup on the signup sheet
  5. Lads can we have your names down on the signup sheet for this week and future weeks, if you need your name added to the lists please ask. Simply put your name next to the position you would like to have for the thursday mission, this will be wiped at the end of each mission and will require a re-sign: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Lw5TZHqlOjDUE5pPgmro_MU4gL3JY4lo7w55OLYurRw Add it to your browsing favourites
  6. FTL and SL ARMA 3 training (Volunteer only)

    ARMA 3 training for FTL and SL. Please aim to arrive at 1930 uk time.
  7. Myself and Hannibal will be running a FTL and SL training session for those interested, please note this is volunteer only and will be for people who WANT to learn as we will have a limited time to train people enough for leading. Sign yourself up below if you are interested. This will happen on Sunday 16/07/2017 at 19:30.
  8. I have squad, would play certainly if I'm not assisting in building arma missions
  9. Stiggz makes a good pump man, keeps any ship floating
  10. Blackwake is fucking hilarious!
  11. Although tactics are not offered in the standard training session currently they will be offered if requested in tailored training sessions (@[BL] Hannibal and @Kator Viridian) There are a few helpful videos made by Dslyecxi these will explain some tactics used as well as some helpful combat tips to those who need them or would like to learn. Universal Rules of Engagement Movement & Shooting Tutorial: Basic Infantry Tips: Basic Multiplayer Tips: Machine Gun Teams: Common Bunker Clear: Bounding Overwatch: Peeling: Defense: Infantry LZ Procedures:
  12. As stated we will be working to iron those things out so we don't have these issues in further training sessions with newer people and the tailor made training sessions using the training map. Thank you for being understanding on the time matters, we will be looking towards manouver and tactical training more into the tailor made training if people would like to learn them as well as towards the leadership roles (we do have a shortage of both Squad level and Fireteam leadership people, this would be useful if anyone would like to volunteer towards them).
  13. Hello MarLeo, The constructive criticism is extremly important to us in our ability to be able to improve to which we do appreciate. A few things just to lay down first, the training mission was constructed a while back and has had to have a few things added and changed in order to get this to work, coupled with the issues we were having before didn't really help matters (neither did the shooting range not working as we had intended and couldn't complete in time). Me and @[BL] Hannibal have very little time to thoroughly test through missions and the training mission, this is not really an excuse but we try to satisfy people with atleast having a mission a week (if we were to test we would have 1 every 2 weeks to allow for everything to be working as intended). We had been meaning to do this mission last week to which it was working "Perfectly" as intended, the mods then screwed with what we were intending to do (the who-har with CBA_A3 as which you can see on the steam dicussions for the mod itself) which never helped. This is by no means us trying to come up with an excuse but it didn't help us at all and took the time for sorting out the mission for us (We usually spend about 2-3 hours together with @[BL] Hannibal working in the background when he can as the main mission maker at the moment as I learn). We have a short time to perfect a mission together but the feedback is much welcome and help a lot more than you think The Training mission I agree with you was spoilt by a very scarce amount of people which caused a lot of learning to be missed (and time), the sound issue with the quietening we will look into as this shouldn't be active (atleast not the high pitched screeching you would get from a loud explosion). With regards with things to add and improve we will work on mission wise, not a problem we will definitly look into it and improve as mentioned (as was supposed to be but was cut short by lack of time). What I would like to do if @[BL] Hannibal agrees is to offer private training sessions for those who are interested and did not get what they were looking for out of the mission (that and the shooting range) so we can tailor these to people who would like to learn certain things without the trolling that seemed to be happening by a few people, this also means we can focus on the certain aspects they are looking to either improve or learn (Marksmanship training will not be offered as this is a reserved slot we give to those who are deserving and show some restraint, this is not just a skill based on how well you shoot but is a factor). We missed some parts of the training as we did not have time to fully complete or did not have time to complete due to quite frankly fucking around by a certain few. I can only apologise for this but it shouldn't really be us apologising, I am just devils advocating this. Also to note sometimes me and @[BL] Hannibal miss some events in order to work on missions for you guys, so when you see us in the officer room we are more than likely discussing ideas or working on a mission ... please don't annoy us, we are working. TL:DR - Agreed with distractions being an issue, we have little time to devlope everything but work towards it will all our effort we can put into it (we are gamers too this is our wind down time after work), MarLeo's ideas have been taken onboard and we will try to improve these when we have time to. We will now be working on a mission but those who feel they have missed training might be able to request a private training session for anything they feel they missed or would like to know. Yours apologetically, The Shovel King "Kator Viridian", Emperor of the Land of the Rising Shovel
  14. Watch that first step Caboose its a doozy
  15. Evening all, We will be hosting the first ARMA 3 training session this Thursday (22/06/2017) instead of a Co-Op mission, the training session will cover various subjects: Basic movement Basic Medical Radio use Rifleman qualification MOUT Grenade training Autorifleman training LAT (Light Anti-tank) weapons training Those attending will be recorded as well as those not attending, a personal training session can be arranged with Kator or Hannibal if you are unable to attend this training. Please remember to either fill in the form if not attending or to mark yourself as unable to attend on the calendar. p.s. We are well aware of the varying levels of skill of ARMA players but there are some completely new players who need a full training session in how to use the majority of equipment we use, please bare this in mind before complaining about you knowing any part of this and try to assist where possible.