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  1. played squad quiet abit with some buddies, wasnt very good at it meself but its pretty fun game.
  2. still lost in the maze of mods of Mount and Blade 1, think i might need to upgrade to a better GPU before i try to run the new one but it sure looks nice !
  3. agreed VLC is the one i prefer aswell, can play pretty much any video format... handy site if your looking for different tools - it packages all the programs you need and installs em all together, i use this allot for my virtual machines.
  4. aye i been playing this with a buddy of mine and its a HOOT !, i mean crappy graphics and iffy mechanics but its so much fun when playing with friends.
  5. i dunno about the new COD ww2 one, they using females voices, almost no recoil on the heavier weapons, linear maps .. not really anything that attracts me to this new release, honestly i think i prefer COD World at War then this one.
  6. This brings back so many memories... my first time playing with you guys, we where still young and innocent ... seems like only weeks ago crazy stuff,
  7. until

    this is all wrong i declined the other friday not this one ! Think the site is broken...
  8. Totally not paying any attention to this post.. none whatsoever.. i will treat this post like republicans treat solar power....
  9. roles and teamwork are key ! like a good loach pilot and dedicated commander (or VC radioguy and ambush deploy) can change the outcome of a battle, might need some dedicated squad leaders aswell or atleast make sure that people know squad leaders for US are spawn points and VC should make tunnels and stuff like that. mean thing is just to play often with the same people i guess so as a group and get to know each others playstyle abit more...
  10. still running on my 5 year old toaster with a GTX 650TI and cant complain but i will be upgrading to the GTX 980 this or next year for sure need 4 GB as a standard nowadays me thinks.
  11. o boi..o boi..o Boi...O BOI ! i want to play custom maps ! i need it ya hear... for medical reasons ! server for custom maps with a kill feed !!!! YESSSS !!!!
  12. yeh they better put in more "menu" music or people are gonna start to hate Creedence.. when i play solo i got always got some vietnam compilation video playing on the background... works like a charm.
  13. Im not a expert player by any means but i do have Luck on my side so im pretty awesome ! so yea i wouldnt mind joining in if/when i get the BL tattoo branded on my forehead.
  14. until

    wont be able to attend this friday one since im going to get some hookers and weed this weekend but ill be on tonite though !
  15. Howdy, Aye Yes sir ! Red vs Blue still puts me to bed at times and i am a somewhat grown man... not ashamed of it at all ! also cheers for having me try out btw looking forward to hop on comms and accidentally blow up some of you guys with arty !