BL Clan and forum rules

Please read the rules before posting and joining the clan.
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Clan Rules
1. Cheating - Black Legion doesn't tolerate cheating of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: Wall hacking, aim botting, no recoil, radar hacking, use of trainers, no smoke, use of illegal scripts and exploits. Those caught cheating will receive a full lifetime ban.


Forum Rules
1. Resticted content - posting Pornography, gore, shocking, disturbing and disgusting content will result in a ban. If you want to post see that kind of content visit 4chan.

2. Illegal content - any posts that break any UK/European laws will be removed and will result in a ban with details being passed onto the relevant authorities.

3. Bullying/Racism/prejudice content -Any hateful or bullying will be deleted and the user may receive a forum ban. If you are not sure if the is post acceptable then its not worth posting.

4. Argumentative speech - gaming related topics can sometimes lead to heated debates/arguments forming on the board. If topics get out of hand and become too much of an argument then it will be locked.

5. Spam/Adverts - Any account we believe to be a spam bot will be banned and deleted. Any person posting content which is spam/advertising will have posts removed and receive a warning unless permission has been granted to advertise. If your account has been deleted because its a suspected spam bot then let an administrator know when you re-register.

Game Specific Rules

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