Black Legion Clan Large Scale Mulitplayer Gaming

About Black Legion:
Founded in 2002, Black Legion is mostly a Western European-based community, but has members world-wide.
We mainly play ARMA3, Counter Strike 2, DayZ, DnD and Ready or Not, among other games.
We are dedicated to expanding upon our 20+ years of experience, thanks to members designing mods or missions for games we play.
We have an experienced leadership team of Clan Admins, Clan Officers and Game Officers.
We also have a Discord Community -
Black Legion Playstyle & Principles:
Our play-style focuses on giving players an enjoyable experience, while avoiding many "milsim" trappings.
We embrace the creative freedom to play as any faction and use a wide selection of equipment.
For Black Legion, community is a major aspect, while having a "No-Nonsense" mentality, towards toxic attitudes.
Our goal is to have a high level of tactical gameplay.
We also aim to give players the opportunity to try new skills and develop existing ones.
Black Legion Membership Requirements:
- You must have a microphone and speak English.
- You need to have TeamSpeak 3, as this is the primary hub for our activities and events -
Joining Black Legion:
To become part of the Black Legion, apply via our website and fill out our user-friendly application process.
Your application is your first impression, so take the time to provide as much information as possible.
If you join our Teamspeak 3 Server, one of our Clan Admins or Clan Officers can help you.

Latest News and Annoucements

testing groups - 16:46 Friday, 02-Feb-2024

does this alert the groups I want it to?


[BL] Trickster144 - Clan Admin

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Weekly Events - 22:22 Tuesday, 30-Jan-2024

We are looking into starting up the weekly events in the near future, such as we used to run with...

[BL] Briggers810 - Clan Admin

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