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Founded in 2002, Black Legion is more than just a group of people who come together to play Arma and CSGO. We are a community of like-minded gamers who want to experience a level of gameplay above what is possible in most other games, or on public servers. It is a group that cares about tactics, teamwork, and fun. We know that quality surpasses quantity any day of the week, and we each do our part to ensure that the group as a whole, and the experiences we have in it, are the best they can possibly be. Many of us pour a great amount of time and energy into maintaining the group, providing feedback for it, and organizing the sessions. We find that the effort pays off with some of the most memorable gaming experiences we’ve ever had. Hopefully this page helps you to get a feel for whether it’s the kind of group you’re looking for.

What is Black Legion all about?

The “Black Legion” style is all about joining an easy, simple group that cuts out the drama, cuts out the clan nonsense and instead focuses on getting the mission completed and having a good laugh in the process. We have a very mature playerbase and focus our efforts on making sure everyone is included, everyone is welcome and everyone performs at their best ability.

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